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About Globalpetrochem LLC


Global Petrochem LLC is a distribution and trading company providing various types of products for Petrochemicals and Oil & Gas industry.
We have direct relationship with various Refineries and Sourcing and Supplying of products is done worldwide. We buy all our energy products from producer-exporters and aggregators, bilaterally under short to mid-term contracts and through spot tenders. We also have access to longer-term supply. Understanding the demand in market and individual customer’s requirement we provide full support in procurement and logistics of products.
we supply in local USA market and export worldwide …

Proudly serving Oil & Gas industry since 2001…

Our Vision

To become a leading supplier of energy products and provide a turnkey solution.


Bulk Supply of Various types of fuels

Jet Fuel

Fuel Additives

We provide various types os Fuel Additives for Terminal Blending, Pipeline & Storage uses

Bio Fuel

We supply directly to fuel distributors, blenders and end user as per their specific requirements.


We have our own international  brand of Premium Quality Lubricants and Oil for various applications…

    • Automotive
    • Marine
    • Industrial

Lubricant Additives

We provide full line of Additives for Lubricant industry,
We can also provide you with the Formulation for lubricants as per the OEM’s requirements.

Oil Field Chemicals

Full range of Oil Field Chemicals, API Approved

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